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Quilter’s Palette is now an open-term class

Click Here to Register

That’s right, begin anytime you want and access all eleven lessons as you wish for twelve weeks. In past offerings of this class, I released the lessons one week at a time. This was sometimes frustrating for those prolific quilt makers who can crank out blocks two or three in a single evening. I heard your request: all lessons available all the time.
You still have the same twelve week period to access the materials, but now you really can work at your own pace. Need more time? Did you fall behind because of life getting in the way? Restart the class when it is convenient for you – just re-register and you have access again!
Before signing-up, be sure to view the promo video below and watch the first lesson in the series absolutely free. This way you can see if our videos are compatible with your computer system.
Note: you will need a fast Internet connection: DSL or cable is a minimum requirement – no dial-up.
One more thing: we are not supporting access to the lessons on the iPhone or iPad at this time. Maybe soon.

click the image below to play the video

If you want to read more information about the class, click HERE

4 comments to

Quilter’s Palette is now an open-term class

  • Hi there, Annie,
    I am very interested in joining your classes (I live in South Africa) and would like to know how much your classes are. I would appreciate an answer from you. I wanted to register for your classes, but I see that it was for 14th May.
    Kind regards
    Anna-Maria Flanegan

  • Hi Anna-maria! I’ve had past online students from South Africa.
    Even though the date says May 14th, all of my classes are open enrollment, so you can start anytime. The cost of the online class is always in U.S. Dollars, and I don’t know what exchange rate is for your country. The cost is generally $85 and does not include fabric or notions, just the online class. I do a live chat with the students every other Wednesday, and one for different time zones on Friday mornings, every other week. Please let me know if you have more questions.

  • Deb

    Annie — Do you have any plans to teach this in a local classroom at this time?

  • admin

    Deb — I don’t have a local class scheduled now, as I will be traveling to teach from April to August. There is a chance that I can do a class in September and October, at Family Threads in San Juan Bautista, which is where I teach locally nowadays. The online class comes with technical support ; ) no matter where I am, and you can start it any time, view and review the instruction videos as needed. Time to make your quilt and use the classroom isn’t an issue — there’s no rush to finish. When I teach the class locally, it runs for 6-7 weeks. The online classes are broken up in 10 segments. Either is do-able. I usually schedule one or two week-breaks when I teach locally too.

    Let me know what you think. Annie

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